Industrial Products
  • Frozen Products

Infinite Taste

Seasonal fruits are cultivated through controlled agriculture practices. They are delivered to the plant after being harvested. After a selection, cleaning and washing process, fruits are frozen to a core temperature of -18°C using the IQF technology. Frozen fruits are packaged and taken to -40°C cold room and kept under suitable conditions till shipping/shipment. 


Preserved in cold rooms until shipment without breaking the cold chain, you can use our products with total trust.



Technology of the Future, Fruit of the Present

Fruit and vegetables frozen by employing IQF technology are transformed into industrial food products which preserve their nutritional value by 97% and have an intact structure following Freeze Dry process.


Instant Soup Manufacturers

Filling Material Manufacturers

Chocolate Manufacturers

Tea Manufacturers

Biscuit, Cake and Cookie Manufacturers

Additive Manufacturers

Bird Food / Pet Food Manufacturers

Healthy Diet Product Manufacturers

Aroma Manufacturers

Beverage Producers

Pastry Material Manufacturers

Preserves Manufacturers

Food Supplement Manufacturers

Baby food Manufacturers

Granola and Muesli Manufacturers








Powder and Granule Products

Grinded Tastes:

Taste of fruits are anywhere you want in their powder and granule form. Pure and 100% natural fruit-vegetable powders do not contain preservatives, additives and colorants. All Freeze Dry power and granule products also contain vitamins and minerals naturally found in fruit and vegetables in addition to antioxidants.
Fruits dried by using Freeze Dry technology are grinded in suitable mills and screened for desired sizes. Kept at minimal humidity rates, power and granule products are packaged for release.

Find the same fruit taste on granule ar power form.


Granule Products



  • Tahini & Molasses


Selected high quality sesames are sifted, hulled and washed, then roasted for 2 to 3 hours at 150-200 °C. Roasted sesames are grinded in state-of-the-art grinders upon being cooled down and rendered into tahini. Rendered into tahini upon grinding the sesame seeds, our product is kept in cooling tanks and then subjected to quality control analyses. Products which are found to be compliant are filled into containers according to desired quantities and offered to consumption.


Fruits located in the region are delivered to our factory for molasses production and are inspected by the quality control team and molasses production process is initiated. Delivered products are cleaned and washed and then subjected to decantation process, decantation process is performed with white soil with high calcium carbonate content which is also referred to as marl. Then, the fruits are transferred into cooking vessels where molasses is produced under vacuum.
Vacuum technology is the latest molasses cooking method and allows producing molasses by preserving color and taste attributes of the product at the highest level at low temperatures and in a very short time. Produced molasses is taken into storage tanks and then filled into suitable packages upon conducting quality control analyses and made ready for shipping.


  • Jams

Explore our fruit jams to combine the pure fruit flavor of the nature with the excellent taste of our products in every season..

Semi-finished or finished fruit jams we manufacture according to the custom recipes and requests provided by enterprises are delivered in 5/10 kg packages. Add flavor to your products through a flexible production depending on the production setting completely specified by the enterprises with added sugar or no sugar addition, with additional additives or no additives.


Technology of Tomorrow, Fruit of Today

Healthy and natural fruit snacks as adapted to the daily life from a space technology; Freeze Fresh.