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Attentively selected raspberries are granulated for utilization by various industries and their flavor never changes despite the change in dimensions.
Filled with flavor and health, raspberry granules are an excellent choice for your industrial use!

Product Properties


Cleaned, Washed, Frozen, Dried, Grinded

Packaging Type

Kept in aluminum vacuum-packs in quantities suitable for the caliber.

Product  Form 


Other Product Forms

Whole Strawberry

Slice Strawberry

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How Was Freeze Dry Technology Developed?

With Freeze Dry technology, developed to eliminate the nutritional problem in astronauts’ long-term space station missions, food products that are both healthy and do not lose their nutritional value are obtained.


The most special fruits are grown in their own season with controlled and natural farming.

Production-ready fresh fruits are carefully picked.

They get frozen and dried with Freeze Dry Technology.

And transform into delicious and healthy snacks which retain 97% of its nutritional value.

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