Freeze Dry, a Space Technology
Freeze Dry technology is the process of drying products through freezing. It allows to conserve the color, shape, flavor and nutritional value of the original raw material and also to keep it cell structure intact. It is carried out with a process called lyophilisation application. The ice in the products sublimated into water vapor.

Since it is a practice performed at low temperatures, dehydration is achieved without causing any damage to molecular and physical structures of the products. It is carried out with a process called lyophilisation application. It is preferred for products which are valuable and have high thermal vulnerability rates.

Products which are subjected to this process which is known as “Dyring by freezing” are offered as healthy and natural products. Foodstuff which is freeze dried through lyophilisation technology can be preserved for a number of years along with suitable packaging practices. Thanks to the lyophilisation technology, freeze dried
products can be preserved for many years
maintaining its taste and ts nutritional values.

How Was Freeze Dry Technology Developed?

Developed to overcome the nutrition problem of astronauts in space, Freeze Dry technology propose products that are at the same time healthy and that preserve their nutritional values.

Freeze Dry Does Not Contain Preservatives and Preserves its Taste!

The most important part of Freeze Dried products is that they preserve their nutritional values and physical properties by 97%.


Why Freeze Dry?

Products produced with Freeze Dry process: 

Preserve their nutritional values by 97%.

Preserves minerals and beneficial bacteria.

Does not contain additives and preservatives.

Does not cause to consist of aflatoxin, mold and harmful bacteria..

Preserves its aroma and shape.

Can be used in powder form.

Barrier sealed packaging offers 20 years of shelf life without being opened.