About Us

About Us

It all started in Ermenek 

Starting in 1965 in Ermenek with wholesale groceries and local halva sales,
Muzaffer Polat Group began its operations in many different fields such as mining, tourism, food, packaging and energy sectors, and grew on our land
with the dedication of our local farmers.

With its ambition and bright vision, Muzaffer Polat Group’s experience and
commitment in business has grown in time. By incorporating Pol’s to its
structure, Muzaffer Polat Group is on its way to be the pioneer of innovation
with its unmatched products.

Evolving Through Traditions

The distance of the Ermenek region from the market has caused farmers not to utilize their products for years, bringing the already scarce agricultural activities to the end and increasing the unemployment in the region.

Being far away from the market
had caused Ermenek farmers to be unable to make use of their
products for long years and
resulted in gradual increases of
unemployment since it almost
brought agricultural operations
which were already low, to an end.
However, taking its strength from the land it grew up, Muzaffer Polat Group started their Pol’s brand as a social responsibility project by
focusing on the locals.

We established as one of the
few plants in Turkey that uses
Freeze-Dry Technology in order
to produce products by being
inspired by the natural riches
of the region. We started our
production with Freeze Fresh
and Helvart plants that were
established under Pol’s while
developing healthy products
that supports a sustainable

We created a healthy snack
brand, called Freeze Fresh with freeze dried fruits that
preserves the fruits’
nutrients by 97%. The one
and well known Ermenek
halva is flavored with
natural, no sugar added fruit 
molasses and chalk plant extract was introduced
to the market under the
name of Helvart.


7.500 tons


From Seed To Your Plate
            Reliable Food Chain

Pol’s harvests natural products from the fields of Anatolia; through
contract farming and providing trainings to farmers, we optimize the
cultivation process and help support their life standards.

By manufacturing fruits, vegetables, molasses and even tahini itself, privileging a natural, healthy and high quality production, considering our employees as a family, we also contribute to the development of the region. With employees largely consisting of women in our plants, we support women empowerment in the region.

We continue to extend our product range and to supply reliable products from seed to plate.

Offering the tastiest form of natural fruits, Pol’s starts its journey from the field and continues it with the trainings and supports it offers to the farmers in the cultivation process.

While it only uses molasses as sweetener, it does not compromise on high quality standards for other raw materials. It manufactures its products by using high quality raw materials, state-of-the-art technology employed in its production plants and very special recipes developed by its experienced R&D specialists.

Always a step further

We harvest our fresh and natural products in their season from a sustainable ecosystem.

We use an
technology for our
production; we are
the one of the few plants
in Turkey that
employs Freeze-Dry

We collect produce from local small-scale farmers to contribute to the development of the region
We employ the local labor and local resources.

We employ the local labor and local resources. We support families by providing employment to women in majority.


Combining the possibilities offered by continuously developing production technologies with the power we have roots in the past and developing the methods of production in the field of agriculture by using the healthiest methods and building the future of food industry.


Contributing to sustainable development, offering the healthiest products to our consumers from seed to the plate, growing business with our company culture and values.


In order to evolve we have to adapt our traditions to the today’s world and make them sustainable. Therefore, we express our respect to nature in every opportunity and we share this deep respect with our consumer through our products. Instead of letting technology to separate us from the nature, we aim to have it gather us with the nature again. While we learn from our past, we evolve with nature as our inspiration.

As Pol’s, we believe in these values and we will continue on this path for a better future.